The story of Kukkonia

In popular culture, Kukkonia has been historically used to refer to Rye Island, a river island in southwest Slovakia. The name dates back to the time of the Tartar invasion when inhabitants developed a way of communication by imitating the croaking of the local fire-bellied toad to warn each other of approaching enemies.

The mission of Kukkonia NGO.
A non-profit organization named Kukkonia was established, with the mission to support the development of the region and preserve the natural resources, sacral monuments, and traditions of Rye Island. Its main focus is to engage and support local citizens and entrepreneurs in agriculture, tourism, and cultural activities. Under the Kukkonia brand a line of premium food products has also been developed that emphasises local origin and high quality.



Kukkonia, NGO.

Štúrova 1090/7, 929 01 Dunajská Streda

Tímea Dóka, president

Tel: +421 905 876 134
e-mail: kukkonia [at]

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